General Ledger

    • All reports approved by the State Board of Accounts
    • All reports may be printed for any time period on your screen, printer or hard drive
    • Fast access of Schedule of Balances for each account
    • Allows sponsors of each account to receive own report of checks and receipts on same page every month to help budget funds for the next month and verify your entries
    • Maintain up to 1000 different accounts
    • Also allows you to break each main account into 1000 different sub-accounts customized by you for combining similar transactions into individual total amounts
    • Quick checkbook reconciliation for any time length
    • Simple transfer between accounts
    • Check register automatically flags all check numbers that are out of numerical sequence
    • Ledger will alert you if you accidentally leave the day out of balance
    • Mistakes are extremely easy to correct
    • Able to sort and total any account by a specific description, amount, check or receipt number and journal source number
    • Allows multiple accounts to write one check or receipt
    • Multiple bank accounts or checkbooks available

Accounts Payable

    • Maintain up to 10,000 different regular vendors
    • Write unlimited checks for one-time casual vendors
    • All checks may be printed on your printer on pre-printed forms or to the screen for hand or type written checks
    • Enter invoices throughout the week and select to pay one or all of them at one time
    • Automatically displays regular vendor references and names on screen when invoicing for effortless recall of vendors
    • All entries are automatically posted to the CPA General Ledger after checks are written

Purchase Orders

    • All purchase orders may be printed on pre-printed forms or to the screen when receiving invoices for effortless recall of vendors
    • Produces Encumbrance report showing balance of each account, encumbered outstanding amounts available and funds remaining
    • Purchase Order Summary report shows P.O. #, date, vendor, funds, and check number that paid each purchase order as well as all voided purchase orders for any time frame
    • Automatically posts all purchase orders received to the CPA Accounts Payable module for check writing of payment


    • All receipts may be printed on pre-printed forms or to the screen for hand or type written receipts
    • Produces receipt register which includes receipt numbers, descriptions, fund account names, sponsor's names and total amounts
    • Maintains total of checks, cash and money orders received for verifying bank deposits for any time length desired
    • Automatically posts receipts to CPA General Ledger
    • Able to view prior years receipts even though fiscal books are closed out


    • Maintain up to 32,000 different employees
    • Automatically calculates all federal, state and local taxes
    • Handles bonus payments, benefits, Section 125 deductions, holiday and sick pay, and 401K plan
    • Produces 940, 941 and W-2 forms
    • Includes YTD, Quarterly, monthly, daily and unemployment payroll totals
    • Payroll preview report allows easy viewing of each employee’s check prior to printing checks.
    • Automatically posts payroll expenses to CPA General Ledger

Student Receivables

    • Allows up to 32,000 different students
    • Identify each student by student ID or name
    • Keep track of each bill charged and all payments made in partial or in full
    • Monthly statements may be mailed with current balances due and configurable messages
    • Maintain student names, addresses, phone numbers, last date charged & paid & current balances due
    • Reports include Name & Phone Numbers, List of Transactions, Mailing Labels, Aged Receivables, Student Balances and Account Information

Textbook Rental

    • Imports all the information needed to print statements and create receipts (TBR-2's)
    • School tech staff can create files to import student and fee information from programs the school currently uses to assign students, courses, fees etc.
    • Ability to add new students to the program.
    • Create bills to add fees to students. Program will allow you to create credits for a student due to drop/add, etc.
    • Textbook Rental Sort Codes assigns the order that payments are applied to outstanding fees and specifies the column placement of the various fees on the student statements.
    • Ability to apply payments to a students account. The payments are applied in the order as set up in the Textbook Sort Code Form. The payments are applied to the bills automatically.
    • User configurable statements with two separate statement message configurations.
    • Reports include Statements, Student List, Student Balances, Payments by Date Range, Accounts Activity and YTD Payments by Sort Code.