CPA for Windows. User-friendly software that’s been developed especially to meet the needs of school, business and farming accounting professionals.

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CPA will run on any Windows computer from the dated Windows 2000 to the more modern Windows 10 and everything in between.

Today, CPA delivers one-to-one software solutions to school accounting professionals, agricultural producers, and others who demand user-friendly applications and exceptional softwares support with a personal touch.


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Thank you for your interest in CPA for Windows. This user-friendly software program has been developed especially to meet the needs of school accounting professionals. To try our FREE trial version, click the Download button below.

Our Products

General Ledger
  • All reports approved by the State Board of Accounts
  • All reports may be printed for any time period on your screen, printer or hard drive
  • Fast access of Schedule of Balances for each account
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Accounts Payable
  • Maintain up to 10,000 different regular vendors
  • Write unlimited checks for one-time casual vendors
  • All entries are automatically posted to the CPA General Ledger after checks are written
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  • Automatically calculates all federal, state and local taxes
  • Handles bonus payments, benefits, Section 125 deductions, holiday and sick pay, and 401K plan
  • Produces 940, 941 and W-2 forms
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